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Wellness Workshops for Colleges

Wellness Workshops for Colleges will educate the college community on alternative healthcare practices while providing an experience granting mental, spiritual, and physical solace to the strained populace of the 21st century. The healing art of aromatherapy, massage, and yoga can provide excellent benefits for those enduring the pressures and stresses of higher education.

These services are great for:

  • Retreats
  • Team building exercises
  • Non-traditional mini course programs
  • Fitness courses
  • Resident hall events and more!

Services Offered

Partner Massage

This workshop is for couples or friends who are interested in learning to relieve muscular tension for the benefit and stress relief. The small group hands-on workshop focuses on therapeutic techniques that will help to relieve the stress and tension brought on by our everyday lives.

First, the instructor will provide a brief anatomy lesson of the focus areas: back, neck and shoulders. Next, the each person will take turns learning therapeutic massage techniques by practicing on his or her partner with the aid and guidance of a certified, licensed massage therapist.

Each couple will take home a bottle of our massage cream with an essential oil of choice at the end of the session. You’ll be all ready to practice! 2 Hours Minimum

Thai Massage/Partner Yoga

Learn assisted range of motion, partner stretches, and massage techniques in this fun and interactive workshop. Taught by experienced Thai massage practitioners/yoga teachers, you and your friends will use your hands, feet, forearms, and knees to relieve muscle aches and deepen relaxation. Sometimes called “lazy man's yoga”, Thai massage has been practiced in temples in Thailand for over 2500 years. No prior yoga experience is required. Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a pillow. 2 Hours Minimum


Our all-levels yoga classes are accessible for beginners and challenging for those with a regular practice. Yoga combines breathing, meditation and mindful movements and has many health benefits. Dress comfortably and bring your own yoga mat and a towel. 1 1/2 Hours Minumum

Mini Aromatherapy Lesson Add-On

Aromatherapy has been used by many cultures worldwide and has a myriad of benefits. In this short lesson, we will learn common oils that are relaxing, earthy, or stimulating. Participants will receive a list of recipes as well as make an aromatic oil, cream, or salt scrub. This service can be added on to the Partner Massage or Thai Massage/Partner Yoga package(s). 45 Minutes Minimum (includes list of aromatherapy uses, common oils, and how to mix in oil, cream, and/or salt)

For information and to set up your event, please email or call 215.843.2234.

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